Seniors, an interesting clientele for hoteliers

They are nearly 4 million to travel to hotels in France each year. Seniors, representing anyone aged 50 and over, is a category of clientele that is often wrongly underestimated by some hoteliers.

And yet� This one is really interesting since it carries out longer stays in hotels than a younger clientele.

What senior expect from a hotel

What are they looking for? A study realised by Amadeus expresses the will of seniors aged between 50 to 75 to not be treated as �old people�. Indeed, the study qualify them as �active senior travellers�.

If they are no longer professionally active, they have now time to devote to many activities that are important to them, especially travel. And for fact, according to, 50% of people over their 50s think of spending their money on travel before any other activity.

They want to be seen as travellers of all ages, and participate to intergenerational meetings.

The selection criteria of a hotel for seniors are

Some quality of restoration

Seniors love ease and practicality. They will be happy to have breakfast and dinner in your establishment, provided that the quality and affordable price is at the rendezvous.

The presence of a secure parking

They are the age group that owns the most car. If you offer secure parking, you will be able to tip their choice for you against a hotel that does not have one. Especially if it is accessible for free.

Room accessibility

What could be better for them, after a long day of walking, than to have their room easily accessible?

A room on the first floor, at the beginning of the corridor, or near an elevator will bring satisfaction.

Free high-speed Wifi, available in the rooms

Many seniors are equipped with smartphones, tablets and laptops, and use them for their travel and choice of establishment. Offer them a free WiFi so that they can enjoy their stay at your hotel.

Ergonomic equipment

From remote control to shower, ease of access and ease of use are a big plus. Avoid bathtubs and prefer wide and walk-in showers. Similarly, windows easily accessible and easy to use will make their happiness.

It�s up to you to adapt your hotel to their needs. If seniors are satisfied with the quality of services, the ease of access and use of equipment, other customers will also be delighted.


Seniors, a long-term stays clientele

According to a study realised by Coach Omnium, the business traveler clientele travel, for 26% of them, between 1 stay a week to 1 stay a month. For three quarters of these trips, these are overnight stays only.

Meanwhile, a third of the seniors travel more than 3 times a year, and the majority of them stays for more than one night.

They go to the hotel more often and stay longer, which makes this clientele particularly interesting.

The senior clientele often scares because it has a reputation for being very demanding. Their expectations are not exceptional, especially on comfort and attractive prices.

Seniors prefer the comfort of a standard hotel rather than a low-cost hotel. In the same way, they prefer a mid-range hotel than a luxury hotel, because of the prices.

On average, 32% of people in this category opt for a 2-star hotel and 58% opt for a 3-star hotel, according to Coach Omnium.