The most unusual hotels in the world

More than a hotel, an experience! More and more hotels want to offer their guests a unique experience. These are the most unusual hotels in the world. In these hotels you won’t spend just one night, it’s a real concept that will be sold to you!

Here is the 2019 selection of the 20 most unusual hotels in the world

1. The library hotel (New York, USA)

10 floors, 10 themes. This is what the Library Hotel in New York offers, so you can have a room with books on literature, another on history or mathematics.

2. No man’s fort (Isle of Wight, United Kingdom)

You’re tired of the city, you want to cut yourself off from the world? That’s what No Man’s Fort offers. A unique experience on a private island. You will spend the night in an old 19th century fort. On the program a magical view of the sea and its infinity, the climb up to the lighthouse and an obligatory passage in the laser tag arena.  

3. The Nine Hours (Kyoto, Japan)

An unbeatable price for unbeatable space. That’s the bet of this hotel. You will find in the 2 square meters a comfortable bed to spend the night or just take a nap for a very low price. The hotel is equipped with shared bathrooms.

4. Karostas Cietums hotel (Liepaja, Lativa)

An old prison converted into a hotel. A particular experience in which you are taken handcuffed to a “cell”. The hotel is only open from May to October. 

5. Das Park Hotel (Ottensheim, Austria)

It’s a hotel whose rooms are located inside concrete blocks! A simple, inexpensive and particularly unusual way to build a hotel and stay there!

6. The Dog Bark Park Inn (Cottonwood, USA)

An architecture in the form of a giant beagle, the Do Bark Park inn is a hotel dedicated to dog lovers. The interior is also entirely furnished on this theme.

7. The Burj Al Arab (Dubai)

For you, a 5-star hotel is the ultimate luxury. This is the only 7-star hotel in the world. 321 meters high, it occupies an entire artificial island created in the Persian Gulf. It will be beyond your expectations 

8. Kokopelli’s Cave (Farmington, USA)

Kokopelli’s cave is a suite created in an artificial cave. Located in the state of New Mexico, the hotel strongly resembles the home of the “Flintstones”! But don’t worry, it offers a hotel with all the necessary comfort for a pleasant and unusual stay!

 9. L’elqui Domos (Chile)

Spend a night contemplating the stars, become one with the sky! This is what Elqui Domos offers you, one of the 7 astronomical hotels in the world. All 6 suites are semi-spherical and equipped with a telescope.

10. One by the five (Paris, France)

“One By The Five, the one-suite concept hotel is more than an invitation, it’s the den of the waking dreamer. This luxurious and unique universe will make you live a new experience, with your heart in the clouds and your body in weightlessness. “

11. Bjorli snow hotel (Norway)

The Bjorli Snow is a giant ice structure transformed into a hotel. Located in the Geiranger Fjord in Norway it is open all winter. Artificial lights make the place magical and unique.

12. The Crane hotel Faralda (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Built in a former harbour crane 50 metres high, the hotel offers luxury and comfort in an unusual setting. It is one of the best hotels in Amsterdam and offers a breathtaking view of the whole city.

13. Yunak Evleri Hotel (Cappadocia, Turkey)

Dream rooms, a hotel with all the luxury and comfort of a 5-star hotel, all in a cave! The hotel, which has parts dating from the 5th century, is housed in a 19th century manor house as well as in several houses dug directly into the cliff.

14. Le Tree Hotel (Sweden)

Built in the heart of the trees, enjoy a unique and luxurious stay in total harmony with nature.

15. Le De Vrouwe Van Stavoren Hotel (The Netherlands)

This hotel in the north of the Netherlands has converted eight barrels of wine into rooms. Live the experience…

16. The jumbo Hostel (Stockholm, Sweden)

The atypical rooms are installed in an aircraft frame and are all equipped like an aircraft cabin: oxygen masks and business class seats. It is possible for the biggest aviation fans to book the suite that is in the cockpit.

17. The I-Suite Hotel (Rimini, Italy)

A true sensory experience awaits you inside. Expect to be surprised at all times! This modern hotel is a true work of art and a must for fans of the unusual.  

18. Hotel Quinta Real Zacatecas (Mexico)

This unique hotel was awarded the international architecture prize in 1989. Built in the renovated bullring in San Pedro, Mexico, it is now a luxury hotel with character.

19. How Hotel Berlin (Germany)

To all music lovers, this hotel is made for you! The first hotel dedicated to music, it has a recording studio and allows night jam sessions and improvisations on the turntables.

20. Oxford Castle House (United Kingdom)

Formerly a prison of the Victorian era, this renovated hotel offers luxury and service far removed from its original functions.

21. Kachi Lodge (Bolivia)

Kachi Lodge is built directly on the largest salt desert in the world in Bolivia, at an altitude of 3,600 m, at the foot of the Tunup volcano. The upscale lodges offer all the comforts of a hotel room with a private ceramic bathroom.