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8 tips to improve the referencing of your website

13 Aug, 2019

The referencing of a website corresponds to its position in the search results following a request launched by an Internet user. Every hotelier dreams of seeing his site appear in the header of the results. However, optimization work is necessary to please the Google algorithm. The search engine will analyze each page of the site to assess their relevance. The hotelier must therefore create a tailor-made site to stand out from his competitors. Find all our tips to seduce the algorithm of search engines and improve your positioning.

Have a responsive site

For the natural referencing of a site, search engines attach great importance to the customer experience. This is achieved through the ease of navigation from any mobile device. Thus, it is necessary to have a responsive site. This term refers to a site that is compatible with all digital media, both smartphones and tablets. Since 2015, Google has been penalizing non-responsive web design sites, so this criterion is fundamental to improve its positioning.

Secure on’s site 

Since 2017, Google and Firefox penalize unsecured sites. Now HTTPS sites are favored in search results. The first page of results is composed of more than 50% of secure sites. This measure aims to ensure secure browsing, information exchanged with the website is encrypted to protect data transfers. When booking on your site, the traveller may be asked to deposit his bank details if he wishes to pay online. Having a secure site is therefore fundamental.

Use appropriate keywords

Once the pages of your site are found, search engines will analyze their content to identify the purpose of the pages. This process, called indexing, will condition your investment in search results. The objective is to see if the content of your site is relevant to the requests of the Internet user. This is why it is essential to use keywords that are linked both to your establishment and to the potential terms that the traveller might type. Put yourself in the shoes of your target customers to select relevant words. Don’t forget to highlight your assets by mentioning them on your site: number of stars, swimming pool, homemade breakfast…

Include internal and external links

To ensure natural and permanent traffic on your website, it is essential to create internal and external relays. We are talking about meshing, the organization of all the links within a site. The external mesh allows you to highlight pages from other websites while the internal mesh allows the traveller to simply navigate your site from one page to another. A quality mesh allows you to optimize the natural referencing of your site.

Create a page on activities/region

Today’s travellers are in search of adventure and experience. When they travel, they expect to discover the region and its surroundings. By creating a page dedicated to activities in the region, you meet travellers’ expectations in terms of information. In addition, search engines will identify this content and highlight your site in localized queries.

Post special offers

Travellers are very fond of promotions. However, they tend to turn to the OTAs where they think they will find the best deal. This is not entirely untrue. When a hotelier needs to fill up, he doesn’t think about publishing the promotions on his website to the benefit of the central booking offices that get the best deals. Thus, broadcasting special offers directly on your site is a good way to generate traffic and improve your SEO.

Create a google my business listing

Creating a Google My Business listing is a free process that allows you to improve the visibility of your business on the search engine. You can indicate several information: phone number, address, website link… It is a good way to increase the traffic on your site and appear in the first search results following a localized request.

Regularly update its website 

Search engines are sensitive to the freshness of your website, i.e. the frequency of updates. Indeed, when ranking the search results, regularly updated sites are favoured. In addition to pleasing the algorithms, the updates make it possible to have a website adapted to the latest trends in terms of design. For example, transparent headers are currently on the rise.

The creation of a website is accompanied by regular management in order to meet its main objective: to increase live bookings. Thanks to the Amenitiz solution, you are guaranteed to create a website that meets the requirements of the algorithms and can be modified at any time without the need for intervention by our teams. If you wish to discover our tool, please fill in the form below. We will contact you to offer you a free demonstration of our product.

13 Aug, 2019