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Top 10 equipment to be installed in a hotel room

18 Jun, 2019

In the past, a hotel was considered a place to spend the night. A bed and a bathroom were enough to satisfy the customers. But today the demands of today’s travellers have changed. A study by the PwC consulting firm reveals that business and leisure travellers alike regard the quality of the room as a decisive criterion when choosing a hotel. As a hotelier, it is necessary to understand the expectations of your customers. This top allows you to identify the 10 essential amenities to be fitted in your hotel rooms.

1. Quality of bedding

When a traveller books a hotel room, they expect to get a good night’s sleep. The quality of the bedding plays an essential role. A “mid-range” hotel provides uncomfortable polyester sheets. Therefore, bet rather on sheets made of natural fibres (cotton, linen, hemp…). Furthermore, for hygienic reasons, it is recommended to offer a duvet instead of the traditional wool blanket.

2. Wi-fi

Nearly half of travellers are prepared not to choose an establishment if it does not offer a Wi-fi connection according to Coach Omnium. This observation is justified by an increasingly connected generation, 9 out of 10 people travel with a smartphone/laptop or tablet. Offering a broadband connection accessible in all parts of the hotel is a must in 2019.

3. Television

Today, travellers all have a high-definition television screen at home. So they expect to find this service in a hotel room. This is why the hotelier will favour the installation of flat screens with several channels available in different languages depending on the clientele received.

4. Shower

Surprisingly, nearly 89% of travelers prefer to find a shower in the bathroom than a bathtub according to Coach Omnium. It is therefore recommended to install a large walk-in shower in the bedroom bathroom. It is also advisable to install a shower screen instead of the traditional, unhygienic shower curtain.

5. Towels

Towels are an essential element present in all hotel rooms. However, for some establishments, quality is not there. Rough, small, rough, mid-range hotels provide the bare minimum. As a hotelier, remember to offer a set of toilets on arrival. In addition to satisfying the guest, he will be more inclined to re-use towels during his stay. Saving you hoteliers time and money.

6. Storage

For 86% of travellers, the presence of storage furniture in a hotel room is an important element according to a study carried out by Coach Omnium. For long-stay travellers, it is even indispensable. Shelves, wardrobe, cupboards, the hotelier has a choice in the layout of the room.

7. Courtesy tray

Following a long flight or car journey, travellers are happy to find free refreshments upon arrival in their hotel room. Nowadays, many hotels offer these services in the form of a minibar at your disposal. Travellers must pay for each consumption. A courtesy tray (tea, coffee, kettle…) will put the traveller in a good mood as soon as he arrives.

8. Office

For business travellers, having a workspace in a hotel room is a must. Thus, an establishment that usually receives this type of clientele is required to install offices in the rooms.

9. Full-length mirror

Hoteliers don’t necessarily think about it, but a full-length mirror in a hotel room is very popular with travellers. The bathroom shouldn’t be the only place to find a mirror.

10. Lighting

The lighting system plays an important role in the comfort of a hotel room. The hotelier will turn to the use of small lamps rather than large, overly aggressive ceiling lights. Reading lights by the bed are also very popular with travellers. The lighting in the bathroom and closet should not be neglected.

Faced with the multitude of different styles and materials, the choice of furniture can prove to be a real headache for the hotelier. Nowadays, the majority of establishments offer basic equipment without first identifying the real needs of the customers. A hotelier who is sensitive to his clientele is committed to going beyond their expectations. Thanks to technology, hoteliers can now offer more modern facilities to differentiate themselves from their competitors and attract the new generation of ultra-connected travellers.

18 Jun, 2019