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Types of hotel guests and their needs

3 May, 2022

Hospitality is one of the industries experiencing noticeable growth globally. Think of that five-star hotel you enjoy spending your holidays and meeting at. What keeps you returning to the same hotel? What do they have that you cannot find elsewhere? This article explores various types of hotel guests and their various needs.

What are the types of hotel guests?

While starting a hospitality business, it is essential to understand what type of guests you are expecting. This will help you implement effective marketing strategies directed to your potential customers. Below are some guests and possible ways to attend to their needs.

Business travellers (bleisure)

This type of traveller is in town strictly on a mission or for business. They are not in town to enjoy vocational sights available, but just business. However, they can use restaurants and coffee shops available for personal and business use. Such visitors stay for many days, with several meetings all through. Normally, they will come back to the hotel rooms to relax. They will have a meal in the hotel and embark on their usual schedule the next day.

For leisure travellers, they visit for business, although their schedule is flexible. They can mix business and spare some time for tourist and leisure activities. Sometimes they extend their trip and have mini vacations into a long weekend before winding up the entire trip.

How to attend to their needs

While setting up your hotel, identify co-working spaces and restaurants where your business guests can come and have their meetings without inconvenience. Post various photos and relevant information about your in-room office and how safe it is for those who wish to have their meetings or work from their rooms. You can also offer them a discount if they book throughout the weekends to encourage them to stay longer. You can include discounts on spa treatment, tasting menu from the restaurants, and special room services to leisure guests.

Event attendees

These types of guests may include business and bleisure. Some of these visitors may want to relax alone in their rooms after attending conferences and meetings. Another group of guests may want to explore the city after the conference. Most of these guests come to create links and connections to visit entertainment places after winding up the events.

How to attend to their needs

Organise social activities and reception for your guest and include them as an add-on to their reservation. These activities may include poolside happy hour, dinner cruise, mixer at a local bar or restaurant, or any group activities at any local attraction. Come up with special discounts and deals for event attendees who may decide to stay at your hotel, like additional nights and an exclusive dinner experience.


These types of guests are usually people nearing retirement age. Such customers have a high budget compared to other guests. Most of these guests make their travel arrangements through hotel loyalty programmes. Boomers always want to connect with the locals while on their trip. Unlike younger generations, boomers will only concentrate on one thing: holiday. They won’t spend their time working.

How to attend to their needs

Because boomers come for leisure alone, arrange sightseeing tours for them. Ensure locals and collaborate with restaurants that can offer exclusive dining experiences–direct most of your hotel amenities towards relaxation and rest with amenities like pools and spas.


These guests consist of an experience-focussed age group looking for a new adventure. They may want a unique trip that allows them to mingle with the locals to understand their culture and other new things. The holiday is always shorter to fit into their work schedule and lifestyle. 

How to attend to their needs

Ensure you focus on your destination’s cultural and local experiences while marketing your hotel. Bring together a list of activities that encompass the local culture and other attraction activities that can be fit for this short tour. Post and promote photos of your destination on various social media platforms to promote exciting festivals and events happening.


This type of guest includes millennials who have grown into parents. They may come for a holiday together with their kids. The destination for these types of guests is similar to that of millennials. 

How to attend to their needs

With these kinds of guests, there will be likely travelling trips. You can organise a good travelling tour for those who want their kids to have some adventure. Set up a babysitting service and care services are for those with babies. Ensure your hotel has kids and family-friendly attractions like aquariums, zoos, or museums.

What is the importance of knowing the different types of hotel guests?

It is important to know the type of guests in your hotel, follow reasons:

  • Know where your bookings are coming from
  • Improve your guest relations through direct booking.
  • Tailor your sales and marketing
  • Direct bookings and upselling are key


Understanding various types of guests in your hotel is an important factor in giving you a clear picture while implementing your marketing structure and clear steps to improve your guest experience. Many hoteliers assume that guests will automatically come after setting up a hotel. Many guests book for hotels that offer services that may suit their schedules.

3 May, 2022