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What does a hotelier have to offer for breakfast ?

18 Jul, 2019

In the hotel industry, breakfast is considered to be an accommodation service offered to travelers staying in a hotel. Included or in addition, this formula is more and more appreciated by travelers, nearly 77% of them systematically take breakfast at the hotel according to a study carried out by Coach Omnium. That is why hoteliers must not neglect this service, which plays an essential role in customer satisfaction. Discover the latest trends and expectations of travelers regarding breakfast composition.

Understand customer expectations

A hotel that is accustomed to welcoming travellers from all over the world will have already noticed that guests’ expectations were not the same. It starts with breakfast. Indeed, each nationality has different perceptions of this meal. For the French, breakfast is associated with a light and quick meal, they appreciate a fresh baguette with a coffee. While for Germans, breakfast is a hearty meal composed of sweet and savoury foods (toast, cold cuts, cheeses…). The hotelier must therefore identify the needs of the different nationalities of travellers in order to offer them an adapted offer.

Although travelers have different tastes, they have major expectations for breakfast:

  • Waiting: Travellers don’t want to wait. Whether a business or leisure traveller, there is no waiting to be served. Both types of travellers have a busy schedule for the day, so it is essential to provide fast and efficient service.
  • Variety: Customers like to have a choice of products. Sweet, salty, hot, cold, the hotelier will offer different foods to suit all travellers.
  • Homemade: Travellers are increasingly turning to fresh, local produce. They are fond of homemade food (pies, bread, jams…). Although these products may be more expensive, the hotelier must know how to anticipate quantities to avoid losses.
  • Access to information: Customers like to know what they are consuming. The hotelier can add labels giving information about the products on offer (composition, origin, translations if necessary…). Don’t forget to indicate the allergens to avoid confusion.

The different formulas for breakfast

Breakfast at the hotel can be offered in different formulas. The most common is the continental breakfast. This option is quick and easy to prepare. It is a light breakfast that usually consists of a drink (coffee, tea or juice) and cereal products (a pastry or bread slices). For travellers from northern European countries, this is not considered a breakfast but rather a snack.

The American breakfast is the most complete option. In the United States, it’s a very important meal not to be overlooked. This is why this formula has been developed in hotels around the world. This meal is composed of sweet foods (pancakes, waffles, muffins) and savoury dishes (bacon, egg…) with drinks (coffee, fruit juice…). For travellers who like sweet and sour first thing in the morning, this is the ideal formula.

The last option for breakfast is the most appreciated by travellers: the buffet. This formula offers the traveller a wide choice of hot and cold trays that are restocked frequently. The latter can be served freely and is not restricted by quantity. Putting products on self-service avoids waiting and saves time. However, the buffet is more suitable for hotels with many travellers to avoid losses and waste.

The essentials 

Even if the buffet seems to be the best option for breakfast, some hoteliers do not have the financial resources to offer this formula every morning. Regardless of the option chosen, the following elements are essential in the composition of a breakfast:

  • Drinks: that’s the first thing the traveller will turn to. Coffee and tea are the essential drinks to offer. Rich in caffeine, it’s the best way to wake up travelers.
  • Cereal products: baguette, pastries, buns… These carbohydrate-rich foods give energy to long-term travelers. You can offer different types of bread (cereal bread, wholemeal bread, etc.). A tip: it’s even better when they’re just out of the oven.
  • Proteins: to stimulate the awakening of travelers, offer products based on animal proteins: charcuterie, cheese, eggs… As a reminder, there are more than a dozen ways to cook eggs, an additional trick to offer varied dishes.
  • Fruits: rich in vitamins, they will provide the necessary energy for travelers to start the day. The hotelier is required to pay attention to seasonality by offering fresh seasonal fruit to travelers.
  • A regional speciality: during his stay, the traveller is curious to discover the culture of the region. It can start as early as breakfast. Each region has its own specialities that can be offered for breakfast. A hotel in Brittany can bet on a piece of Far Breton while a hotel in Corsica can offer a piece of Love. The traveller will be sensitive to this touch of originality.

Serving a quality breakfast will contribute to travelers’ satisfaction. When they leave a comment, they will not hesitate to mention it. It’s a simple way to improve your institution’s e-reputation. If you offer a homemade and gourmet breakfast, do not hesitate to highlight it on your website. This is a good way to awaken the taste buds of travelers and encourage them to come and stay at your hotel.

18 Jul, 2019