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Why does your hotel site need to be responsive?

13 Feb, 2018

Today, we are all as much as we are glued to our phone screens all day long. Whether we are at work or at home, we don’t pick up the phone! 81% of the population use their smartphone while watching TV. Just as many positive figures for your hotel! As long as your hotel website is responsive, i.e. visible and bookable from any smartphone or tablet.

1 – first of all, what is responsive design?

A website is said to be responsive when its content automatically adapts to the screen resolution of the terminal used. In marketing language, this is called mobile first.

Simply put, whether your site is visited from a computer with a 13, 15 or 17-inch screen, or from a mobile phone screen, it appears perfectly.

2- what is the behaviour of travellers – between web and mobile ?

The numbers speak for themselves! Today, 42% of travellers search and book on mobile phones.


What makes and will always make the strength of your hotel is your ability to adapt to the changing needs of the traveller. And in 2018, this clearly means adapting to these new generations that do everything via smartphone.

3 – does a responsive site design mean an increase in my direct bookings?

A – A way around OTAs

Many travellers prefer to book via OTAs as they can easily be booked from their mobile phone. By making your web content perfectly readable on smartphone and tablet, and by allowing ultra-easy booking through this means, you will quickly see an increase in your direct bookings.

B – An optimization of your referencing and thus your visibility on Google

Since 2015, Google has updated its algorithm. This means that when a traveller does a search on a mobile phone, non-responsive websites are penalized.

In short, a non-responsive website will see its referencing and visibility considerably reduced.

So don’t let your competitors pick up these travellers who are just waiting to find you.

13 Feb, 2018