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Why have an “Instagrammable” hotel?

19 Sep, 2019

A recent British study show that 40% of Millennials choses their travel destination based on its “instagramability”. Hotels are aware of this and attach more and more importance to their interior, their decor, for a hotel to work it must be photogenic! 

What are the advantage of an instagrammable hotel?

Visibility: Today, the saturation of the hotel market and strong competition forces each establishment to fight to remain visible. So what’s better than viral visibility on social networks? A strong presence on Instagram also plays on the notoriety of its establishment and thus on its attractiveness. It then becomes The Place To Be.

I mean, it’s a huge savings. Indeed, making your hotel more intrammable will have a cost, but you will benefit from an efficient, international viral communication without paying 1€.

Where to start?

Start simple, quotes, atypical lights, plants in the lobby.

Everything you don’t usually find in a hotel, you have to play the surprise, play the “whoaa”! But to do this you have to think strategically; the aim is not to modify your whole hotel, you have to carefully select places in the hotel to which to make these modifications.

Stay connected, watch the trends, get inspired by your audience and their sharing on social networks. Create selfies zones, use hastag.

But above all, keep a coherence, a common thread, a link with your establishment.

What to ask an interior designer for more unsociable place?

  • Think furniture: it’s simple and doesn’t require redoing everything. Original objects out of the ordinary that challenge and call for photography.
  • Think replaceable: trends are changing, aim for replaceable: cousins, balloons, plants, lights, etc.
  • Think originality: of course it is important to follow trends, but it is not forbidden to create them!
  • Think season: as with fashion, trends are often cyclical and inspired by the seasons and events of the year (major sports competitions, national holidays, popular or religious festivals, etc.).

For conclusion

It is now essential to focus on the social aspect of the business in order to stand out from the crowd, to increase the number of customers, and to make yourself known. Instagram is now one of the most widely used social networks for communicating about a product, activity or service. The simple sharing and strength of the “a picture is worth a thousand words” images allows it to reach a very large audience in a viral way.

To make your hotel instagrammable is to offer yourself communication, real visibility and notoriety on the competitive hotel market.

19 Sep, 2019