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Why is Guadeloupe an increasingly popular destination for international and french tourism?

10 Oct, 2019

The overseas territories and departments are considered one of the world’s favorite destinations. However, Guadeloupe has been doing well for 5 years now, becoming a very popular destinations for french and international tourists.

Geographical location and climate :

Located in the heart of the Caribbean Sea in the West Indies, Guadeloupe is 7000km from the French metropolis. It is located 600km from the coast of South America and about 100km from the United States. A direct flight Montreal-Pointe à Pitre is 4h45.

The climate in the Caribbean region is pleasant all year round! The temperatures from December to June allow tourists to enjoy the sea and the landscapes.

Its good location combined with its temperate climate make it a favourite destination for tourists.

Hotel and tourist reception 

Guadeloupe is more and more famous for the personalized, friendly and quality welcome it offers. The tourism and hotel industry players value the local cultural heritage. They offer a quality service adapted to different audiences. And thus leave a positive and lasting impression on the travellers’ stay.

Activities, events and cultural richness

Today’s travellers are looking for more than just a destination, they are also looking for an experience that they want to experience through local culture. So what could be better than a place marked by annual events and celebrations. In Guadeloupe, there is no shortage of festivals; there are carnivals, the abolition of slavery in May, the Guadeloupe bicycle tour in August and many others. It is possible to do many nautical, sports, culinary, historical activities… Guadeloupe is also loved and attracted by its very rich and diverse culture. You will find traces of African, Asian, South American and even Middle Eastern cultures. An enormous crossbreeding that gives its inhabitants a singular identity.

A trendy destination

A change of scenery, nature and biodiversity are increasingly sought after by travellers. But also “postcard” landscapes and absolute relaxation. These new trends in travel consumption, Guadeloupe “ticks” them all. As is the growing desire of travellers to leave the ski resorts for tropical regions. Indeed for the first time the ski resorts are dethroned by Guadeloupe and Martinique. This can be explained by a desire to escape from the somewhat long winters in the West and find sunshine and warmth again. But also by the price that remains for a stay in Guadeloupe cheaper than a ski trip.

This is why and for several years now, Guadeloupe has been seducing world tourism. Climate, rich biodiversity and culture, and the quality of the welcome in hotels and gîtes make it an increasingly popular destination for international holidaymakers!   

10 Oct, 2019