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Wix Booking System for Hotels: The Complete Guide for Hoteliers

Donnchadh Tiernan

10 Aug, 2023

Finding the right hotel booking system can be overwhelming for hoteliers. With so many options like OTA commissions, expensive proprietary systems, and complex setups, hoteliers often struggle to find a booking system that fits their unique needs.

Many hoteliers want an easy booking system integrated into their website. However, they face problems like:

  • Getting their website found online
  • Relying too much on OTAs
  • Expensive proprietary booking systems
  • Paying developers repeatedly to update their site
  • Lacking the technical skills to DIY

Fortunately, Wix offers an affordable and customisable hotel booking system. In this guide, we’ll cover everything hoteliers need to know about using Wix for hotel bookings.

What is Wix Bookings and How Does it Work?

Wix Bookings is a hotel booking system built into the Wix website builder platform. It allows hotels to take bookings directly on their Wix website without any additional services.

With Wix Bookings system for hotels, hotels can customize booking workflows, manage rates and availability, take credit card payments, and sync reservations to the Wix mobile app. Everything is hosted and managed by Wix.

Some key features include:

  • Custom booking flows for rooms, services, events, etc.
  • Real-time availability calendar
  • Rate management and restriction tools
  • Secure credit card processing
  • Commission-free bookings
  • Email and SMS reservation confirmations
  • Synced reservation data across devices
  • Access reservations offline with mobile app

This makes Wix Bookings system for hotels an affordable all-in-one solution for hotels managing their own bookings and availability online.

However, for more advanced hospitality management tools, solutions like Amenitiz provide greater flexibility and integration options.

Is Wix Hotel Booking System Free?

Wix Bookings is free for basic features. This includes:

  • Taking online bookings
  • Syncing booking data across devices
  • Sending reservation confirmations
  • Accepting online payments

Advanced features like setting room types, availability calendars, discounts, etc require upgrading to the Wix booking system for Hotels premium plan.

This paid plan starts at $49/month per hotel location. There are no commissions so hotels keep more profit from direct bookings.

For most small hotels, the paid Wix Hotels plan can still be much cheaper than alternatives. Advanced CRMs or channel managers cost hundreds per month.

However, Amenitiz offers enterprise-grade hospitality management tools starting at just $99/month – with no hidden fees.

Can You Use Wix for Hotel Bookings?

Absolutely! Wix Bookings has all the features needed to power hotel bookings online.

Top hotel chains like Motel One and Audi already use Wix for their booking system. Smaller independent hotels can benefit too.

The key advantages of using Wix hotel booking system include:

  • User-friendly booking management
  • Customisable to your brand
  • iPad/iPhone app included
  • Easier than coding a booking engine
  • No commissions on bookings
  • 24/7 customer support
  • A Booking widget

With the drag-and-drop website builder, hotels can create a beautiful booking-optimised site themselves or work with Wix’s designers.

No coding or design expertise needed!


Amenitiz also provides gorgeous hotel website templates that can be customised to your brand, with easy integration with your PMS.

What Do Other Hoteliers Say About Wix?

Overall, hotel reviews of Wix booking system for hotels are very positive. Hotels like the DIY flexibility, affordable pricing, and ease of use.

Here are some examples:

“We wanted complete creative control at an affordable price. With Wix, we built a gorgeous website ourselves with online booking capability. Couldn’t be happier!” – Maria S, Boutique Hotel Owner

“As a small hotel, Wix gives us the functionality of an enterprise system at a fraction of the price. Highly recommend for independent properties.” – Tom P, Hotel Manager

“Rather than pay hefty OTA commissions, we use Wix to handle bookings directly. This increased profit margins and guests love our rewards program.” – Lucy D, Resort Owner

Negative feedback mostly focuses on Wix being better suited for smaller hotels. Large chains may need more advanced features. But for most boutique, family-run, or independent hotels, Wix provides fantastic value.

For large hotel chains, Amenitiz provides enterprise-level tools to manage multiple properties, with channel manager integrations, automated workflows, business intelligence, and more.

Is Wix Right for Your Hotel?

While Wix is a versatile booking system, it’s ideal for hotels that:

  • Want a cost-effective direct booking channel
  • Prefer an easy-to-use system
  • Have under 100 rooms
  • Run a single hotel or small chain
  • Appreciate flexible DIY options

Independent hotels that fit this profile can manage bookings effectively with Wix.

For hotels that need advanced functionality, Amenitiz is a great option with enterprise-grade features and freedom to scale.

Ready to Improve Your Hotel Bookings?

As you can see, Wix provides hoteliers with an affordable website and booking management platform. For independent properties, it’s a great way to:

  • Save on commissions by taking direct bookings
  • Customize the look and feel of your website
  • Easily manage reservations 24/7
  • Sync bookings across devices with no headaches
  • Provide a seamless booking experience for guests

However, hotels with more complex needs may benefit from a specialized hospitality management system like Amenitiz. We make it easy to:

  • Centralize data across your properties
  • Optimize rates and availability
  • Automate workflows
  • Integrate PMS, CRM, channel manager, and more
  • Get actionable insights from your data

To learn more about improving your hotel technology, contact the hospitality experts at Amenitiz today. We offer free consultations to assess your needs and provide tailored solutions. With the right partner, you can maximize direct bookings and run your hotel smarter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wix hotel booking free?

The basic Wix booking system is free. The advanced tools for hotels require upgrading to the Wix Hotels premium plan starting at $49/month.

Can you have a booking system on Wix?

Yes, Wix Bookings allows hotels to take direct bookings through their Wix website. Customers can book rooms, services, and more.

Is Wix good for hotels?

Wix is an excellent booking system and website builder for independent hotels. It provides an affordable all-in-one solution.

What booking system do hotels use?

Hotels use booking systems like Wix, WebRezPro, RezOvation, NewBook, etc. However, many still rely on OTAs instead of direct booking systems.

How to add a booking system on Wix?

Adding online booking to Wix is easy. Simply get Wix Hotels, activate Bookings, customise the process, sync availability, and start taking reservations.

Is Wix a Hotel Website builder?

Not specifically. Wix is simply a website builder. If you’re looking for something that’s designed with hotels in mind you could do a lot worse than booking a free demo with Amenitiz.

How much does the Wix booking system cost?

There is no fixed cost necessarily, more so there is a a series of pricing plans. The system is a free.

If I just want the Wix booking system what is the price?

To my knowledge they are not sold separately, though you’d do better to consult Wix directly on that score.

Does Wix come with an online hotel booking system site templates?

Yes it does, though they’re limited as it is not a system specially aimed at producing websites for hotels.

Can I manage my daily hotel tasks from the Wix app?

No. Wix is a website builder with a booking engine option. To manage hotel tasks we’d recommend you’d seek a similar system but aimed specifically at hotels and equipped with hotel-specific back-office software, such as Amenitiz.

Can I connect Wix to my hotels channel manager at login?

I’d imagine having come up with a booking engine they offer some connectivity on that score but it’s doubtful that it’s specialised in any way.

Can I post reviews for my hotel from my Wix site?

Yes, but you’d have to post them manually.

How much is the Wix hotels premium plan?

$49 per month.

Donnchadh Tiernan

10 Aug, 2023