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Discover all the reasons why Google Hotel Search will revolutionise your hotel revenue

Marina Miceli

1 Feb, 2023

Did you ever ask yourself what is the magic way to make your hotel or your flats visible on Google? Like Someone is searching for accommodation and boom: your property appears right there. Like an oasis in the desert, with your beautiful website and your competitive prices. Well, it’s not magic, unfortunately, is Google, as always. To be more specific is one of the arms of Google, named Google Hotel search. Well, it will be your best alley in the digital world, right after Amenitiz.

IMPORTANT: If you are already one of our customers and would like to activate Google Hotels, just call the Amenitiz support centre. We will be happy to help you!

What is the best and cheapest hotel booking site? Google Hotel Search!

OK, so technically it is not a proper hotel booking site, at least not in the classical sense. Google Hotel Search is not like or Airbnb or another OTA.  Frankly, is better. Why? Let’s start with the basics.

How do you use Google Hotels Search?

Let’s cut to the chase and see how Google Hotel Search works.

Firstly, it is good to remember that Amenitiz is of great help in this step because our experts can help you solve questions and connect the Amenitiz platform with the whole Google system so that the customer experience is smooth, simple and fast.


You always have to keep in mind that when you do something on the internet, you expect everything to flow as smoothly as broccoli juice! If you think this way when surfing the web then most likely so do your future guests.

If you want to learn about this recipe for success and other incredible ways to make your hotel tab jump ahead of the rest, you’ll want to keep an eye on The Hotel Club website. You will find free advanced e-learning courses focused on the hotel industry. 

Before you begin, there are a few preliminary steps to take into account:

  • Have a profile on Google My Business. It may take a few days before it is approved;
  • Set the establishment’s category to ‘Hotel’;
  • Make sure that the address on Google My Business and on the Amenitiz account is the same;
  • Add the domain name to the Google My Business account;
  • Include the tax payment in the room price on the Amenitiz account.

Once the connection has been made by the Amenitiz experts, you will have a free booking link on Google Hotels Search and your future guests will be able to see your site and immediately be redirected to the booking engine on your site.

Tools connected with Google Hotel Search that can make your life happier

What is Google Hotel Finder?

Google Hotel Finder is a powerful tool that helps users find the best hotel deals around the world. It utilizes Google’s extensive hotel database and uses advanced algorithms to provide users with detailed information on prices, services, ratings, and reviews. With Google Hotel Finder, users can easily compare different hotel options and make sure they get the best deal for their needs. It also allows users to save their searches, so they can quickly access the same information in the future.

It may sound similar, but Google Hotel Finder and Google Hotel Search are two separate tools used to search for hotels. Google Hotel Finder is a tool that allows users to search for hotels based on budget and preferences. On the other hand, Google Hotel Search is a tool that allows users to search for hotels in specific locations. Both tools provide different functionalities, such as ratings, reviews, and price comparisons. However, both can be used to find the best hotel deals so be sure your hotel appears in Google Finder’s results!

What is Google Flights?

Google Flight is a travel search engine that allows users to find the best deals on flights and hotels. With Google Flight, you can easily compare flight prices and times from hundreds of airlines and travel sites. Users can also use the Google Hotel Search feature to find the best deals on hotels in their desired destinations. The Google Flight search engine provides you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your travel plans. You can also use filters to narrow down your search results, such as price range, number of passengers, airline preference, and more. With Google Flight, you can save time and money when planning your next trip. 

The moral of the story is always the same: be sure to be visible in Google Hotel Search results, because travellers will see you when they are organising their trip, and they will remember you when they are ready to book some accommodation.

What is Google Travel?

Google Hotel Search and Google Travel are two related services that can help you plan your trips. Google Hotel Search helps you find the best deals on hotels and flights, while Google Travel provides personalized recommendations for activities, restaurants, and attractions based on your interests. Both services are powered by the same powerful search engine technology to quickly provide you with the best results for your travel needs. 

Why should you care? Because Google Travel is a powerful tool for hoteliers to maximize their reach and visibility. With Google Travel, hoteliers can easily promote their services to potential customers and increase bookings. It also helps them analyse customer behaviour, track customer reviews and optimise their marketing strategies. It also allows hoteliers to manage their ads in one place and create targeted campaigns for each market segment. With Google Travel, hoteliers can easily reach more customers and grow their businesses. 

Thus, Google Hotel Search and Google Travel are two powerful allies that every hotelier should devote time to in order to achieve great results with their direct bookings.


Google maps

Google Hotel Search and Google Maps are linked in that they both provide information about an area to help travellers find the best hotel for their stay. With the integration of Google Hotel Search, numerous people from all over the world can find hotels based on traveller type and mobile devices. This allows them to easily find the best hotel for their needs, in a given area, whether they are looking for a cheap or luxurious option. Meanwhile, with Google Maps, users can get an overview of the area they are visiting and see what other attractions and activities are nearby. This helps them make sure they choose the right place for their stay.

Google Hotel Search ads

Well, there are a few as it happens. In fact, you may have caught one already.

Your placing in the search results is not dependent on price – yours should be the best available, but on your Google Hotel Ads budget, which is why you’ll inevitably see OTAs placed ahead of you even when they’re charging more.

Another hoop to manage your way through is getting your channel manager hooked up with what’s being sought and bought on their channel, which some channel managers are charging extra for, though I can tell you that it comes as part of the package with Amenitiz at no extra cost.

To the untrained eye, it seems like Google have built another OTA-style wall between not only potential customers and you but between those same customers and OTAs even, and where OTA investment guarantees a return, investment in Google Hotel Ads is a budget-dependent shot in the dark.

To trained eyes – guided eyes, even – the main point to note and consider should be that there can be a direct link to your booking engine available to potential customers for free that can be made to be more eye-catching by simply following the elementary rule of showing best available prices on one’s own site. The OTAs do not get bigger writing or logos and when everybody simmers down to the same size like that it’s the numbers that do the talking, truly.

Once again, the way is cleared for you to make your good work count here. The ball is yours to fumble and the only way to do that is to skimp on the quality of your website. If the link to your booking engine doesn’t appear pristine and integrated with your homepage you may want to consider reserving your spot booking a free demo with Amenitiz.

Remember – a booking engine whose colour scheme does not match the homepage or which causes one to jump to another tab or window causes more than half of site visitors to back away and pay via an OTA. If this sounds like your site I’d advise you to get on the phone with one of our experts right away.

Take a look at this free course by The Hotel Club in which all aspects to be considered when creating a website are explored in depth.

After that, the main Google search results are still largely your wheelhouse to command. Invest time, effort and personality in building your website with an all-in-one platform like Amenitiz, fill it to the brim with well-researched keywords to get your SEO on track and you’ll effectively double your visibility when you’re searched on the most popular search engine on the planet before anyone even considers clicking a link.

There’s only so far the humble musings of a blogger such as myself will get you, however. Take the time to talk to one of the giants on whose shoulders I stand – one of our Amenitiz experts – and after that take a minute and book yourself a free demo on the platform and see for yourself how you can make Google work for you and your business, at least until they make you change the name to G-Business.

See more about: FAQ on Google Hotel Search

Does Google have a hotel search engine?

Yes, and if you don’t know what it is or how it works, better to read this article and start to use it as soon as possible. 

Prices of Google Hotel Search

Google Hotel Search itself is free. Hoteliers don’t need to pay Google to make their profiles visible. But if you want to have a boost and appear, not only in organic search, you can use Google hotel ads and appear in a higher position.

How to enter Google hotel search results?

To get your hotel listed in Google Hotel Search results, you need to make sure your hotel is listed on the right platforms and has an optimized website. You must also make sure that your hotel’s information is accurate and up-to-date. In addition, you should optimize your website for search engine optimization (SEO) and use relevant keywords in your content to increase visibility. You can find the link to The Hotel Club here, where we have created a course in which we elaborate on these very aspects. 

Finally, you should also focus on building a strong online presence with user reviews. With these steps in place, you can successfully access Google Hotel Search results and maximize visibility for potential customers.

How to change the currency in Google Hotel Search?

Google Hotel Search, like any other Google product, allows you to display the currency as you prefer. Simply go to the country, language, and currency settings > click on currency > choose your options. Here you will find the Google support page with all the information.

How does Google Hotel Search make money with hotel search?

As I have already explained in the article, Google Hotel Search is free, but there are some solutions that involve payment in exchange for a benefit for the hotel. Ads, for instance, are a source of income. Google also uses its hotel search engine to direct traffic to its other services such as Maps, Flights, and Travel.

How to make my hotel appear in Google Hotel Search?

To ensure that your hotel appears in Google Hotel Search, you should create a tab with all the important information about your hotel, such as location, services, room types and prices. In addition, you should also optimize your website for Google Hotel Search by using relevant keywords and providing accurate information about your hotel. Once you have completed these steps, you can submit your listing to Google so that it can be included in its search results.

How can I get my hotel to appear first in Google Hotel Search?

If you want your hotel to appear first in Google Hotel Search, there are a few steps you can follow. First, you need to make sure that your hotel is listed on Google My Business and that all information is accurate and up-to-date. As already mentioned, it is crucial to optimize your website for search engine optimization (SEO). 

Is Google Hotel Search service shows “places near me”?

Finally, be sure to take advantage of local SEO tactics such as creating local citations and obtaining customer reviews. All these strategies will help your hotel appear first in Google’s hotel search results.

How to add your hotel site to appear in Google Hotel Search?

I will never get tired of saying it: you need to make sure your website is optimized for search engine optimization (SEO). This includes optimizing the content of your website, making sure it is optimized for mobile devices, as well as adding meta tags and titles. In addition, you must also register with Google My Business and provide all the necessary information about your hotel. 

Marina Miceli

1 Feb, 2023