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Instagram influencers and your hotel

22 Dec, 2017

You may have already been contacted by bloggers Instagrammers. They are currently the most “in” communicators of the moment. “They share everything with their fans, their desires, their travels, their favorites. Their lives are a dream, and hundreds of thousands of people are hanging on their posts and waiting to find out where they will be tomorrow. How about tomorrow in your hotel?

Otherwise known as influencers, we explain in more detail who they are and how they work.

What is an instagrammer/influencer?

Simply put, it is a person who, through his publications, engages his community and pushes them in their consumer choices. And it’s less and less through blog posts, which are more visual for the current generation. The winner is Instagram, the most powerful channel because it is the most visual and engaging.

It is a communication channel to be considered as very interesting for a hotelier. The majority of brands, whether clothing or cosmetics, have integrated it perfectly into their strategy.

Some hotels, particularly the major chains, have successfully adapted it. And this strategy is just as (or even more) impactful when you are an independent hotel. 

A partnership with an influencer, how’s that going?

Simply through product placement. The operation is ultra-simple, the influencer talks about you on his blog, his Instagram and his Facebook in exchange for a fee.

The big advantage of being a hotel? You can replace the remuneration with a free weekend at your establishment. And you are strongly advised to work only with this operation.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a concrete example:

The W Hotel regularly uses this type of communication. The influencer indicates where she is (i.e. at the W Verbier), takes a picture of herself in a smiling bubble, with the big W above (in case her followers haven’t yet grasped that it’s the W). And hop! That’s it! 37,785 likes for this image, not counting the instagrammers who saw the image without liking it.

The example of this influencer is all the more relevant as she is not specialized in travel. She’s a person who is followed because she’s a singer and an actress. A blogger who doesn’t specialize in travel but who is followed by 1 million people is a catch. It’s a great visibility as the followers are fans and therefore very committed people. If such and such goes, it is “the place to be”. What if it was your hotel, “the place to be? »

These influencers don’t necessarily come to you spontaneously. You have to capture them, seduce them, attract their attention…

But how do I contact them and, above all, what does it mean for me as a hotelkeeper, in terms of reservations? It is explained in detail here.

22 Dec, 2017