Airbnb Tips: How To Skyrocket your Airbnb Occupancy Rate in 2023


Keeping your Airbnb occupancy rate up is important. Listing your property or rooms on a platform like Airbnb requires a sizeable investment of time and being lazy about it just isn’t an option – it won’t take care of itself. Roll up your sleeves and see what you can do about your Airbnb occupancy rate […]

7 Most Popular Hotel Room Types. How to Maximise Their Potential For Your Hotel


As a hotelier, you know that every guest is different, and each one has specific preferences when it comes to accommodations. Some guests may want more space, while others prioritize privacy and quiet, some prefer spartan accommodations, someone may want a giant Jacuzzi to hang out in their suite. That’s why it’s important to have […]

5 Tips for Successful Hotel Marketing Strategies in the Year 2023


Marketing is a complex business, one of those things you never stop learning. This does not mean, however, that you cannot learn the basics of how to advertise your business effectively and reach as many customers as possible. In recent weeks, we have talked about Google Hotels and Google Vacation Rental, two excellent�and free�Google functions […]

Hotel Owners: how to get listed on Google Hotel?


The American giant comes to our aid once again. Today we are talking about Google Hotels, the Google feature that helps hoteliers to be visible on its search engine. This is a portentous tool that can really triple the number of direct bookings. How? Read the article to find out how to register and all […]

Discover all the reasons why Google Hotel Search will revolutionise your hotel revenue

Did you ever ask yourself what is the magic way to make your hotel or your flats visible on Google? Like Someone is searching for accommodation and boom: your property appears right there. Like an oasis in the desert, with your beautiful website and your competitive prices.�Well, it’s not magic, unfortunately, is Google, as always. […]

5 Best Smartphone Practices For Independent Hoteliers

Smartphones have come to play a fundamental role in our lives. If you�re not Googling, reserving and shopping by tapping a glass rectangle it�s very possible you�re from the past. Or another planet. Or both. The latest generation of adults is finding love and having pizza delivered with the help of a few taps and […]

Hoteliers: Check in to TikTok


How can hoteliers increase their direct bookings using TikTok? TikTok is the next big hotel thing Some hoteliers are using TikTok to boost their direct bookings. That�s right – the kids have made another verb out of a phone app and it’s the next essential tech tool you need to master. In this article I�m […]

Send Out the Google Hotel Search Party

Hoteliers Assemble – GHS is Here to Help! We�re almost at the point where the word Google can step up and replace the word �Internet� in the dictionary so it should be of no surprise to anyone that the software giant has been slowly but surely elbowing it�s way to the front of the queue […]

How to improve guest engagement in hotels?

There has been expeditious growth in the hotel industry over the past years. Many hotel owners and managers are devising new marketing strategies to ensure they remain profitable and viable in the hospitality industry. Guest engagement is one of the marketing strategies that many managers embrace because it increases retention rates and brand loyalty.  If […]

What are the benefits of responsible tourism?

Understanding what responsible tourism can be, the first step hoteliers can take in creating strategies that benefit tourists, the environment, and local communities. Responsible tourism seeks to lessen the adverse effects of mass tourism by ensuring tourism promotes local cultures, protects the environment, boosts the local economy, and involves the local communities in sustainability efforts. […]

Everything you need to know about green hotel certifications

The green/eco/environmentally friendly movement has gained popularity, and there is no sign that it will end soon. Most consumers are aware of green hotel certifications vouching for practices like these in the hospitality industry. For this reason, their choice of booking one property instead of another may depend on eco-friendliness. There are different kinds of […]

Importance of responsible and sustainable tourism

Responsible tourism is tourism that respects the tourism destination’s environment, community, and culture. It aims to correct the adverse effects caused by irresponsible mass tourism. This type of tourism aims to create sustainable tourism development that protects the interest of local communities and the heritage sites within these communities. Below are reasons why responsible tourism […]

The main differences between cross-selling and upselling

It might be more expensive to acquire new customers than to retain already existing ones. What is more? A loyal client will buy from you more frequently than a new prospect. This is especially so in the hotel industry. People tend to stick to hotels and hotel managers they trust and whom they�ve had satisfactory […]

4 unique properties of innovative hotels

Service innovation in the hospitality industry has continuously maintained its status as the backbone of the hotel industry. This is primarily because of hotels’ desire to remain relevant and excite their guests with revolutionary services and products geared towards creating exceptional guest experiences. For your inspiration, we have compiled a list of hotel innovations that […]

7 ways of doing hotel promotion

A good hotel promotion can help build trust with your prospective customers, give value in knowledge and enjoyment, and help create customer awareness. With so much competition in the hotel industry, hotels need to demonstrate to clients that they are the best option. Building a brand, acquiring new clients, and sustaining loyalty requires a sound […]

Better understand the classification of Gîtes de France

The G�tes in France under the label G�te de France belong to the category of furnished tourism or furnished holidays. These general public accommodations must respect a certain number of rules in order to have the best ranking. What is the G�te de France label ? Created in 1951, this label is a national federation, […]

Better understand hotel rankings

We all know the classification of the hotels which is done in the form of stars going from 1 to 5 with the possibility for the 5 star hotels having a particularity to obtain the denomination Palace. But many hoteliers and travellers don’t know how it is set up and what it is really used […]

How to increase direct booking in your hotel ?

OTAs have now taken a central place in the distribution of hotels, as evidenced by the ubiquity of platforms like Booking, Expedia or But for hoteliers, the power of the OTAs has not only lost them direct contact with their customers, but also caused a margin loss related to the high commissions ( between […]

Hotel restaurant : 10 tips to improve your offer and attract outside customers

Do you know how many French people think of reserving a table in a hotel restaurant? Very little! Too little even for the taste of hoteliers who find that their restaurant is running well below capacity. At first glance, it would seem that hotel restaurants have a certain “advance” over other restaurants because they can […]