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7 ways of doing hotel promotion

5 Nov, 2021

A good hotel promotion can help build trust with your prospective customers, give value in knowledge and enjoyment, and help create customer awareness. With so much competition in the hotel industry, hotels need to demonstrate to clients that they are the best option. Building a brand, acquiring new clients, and sustaining loyalty requires a sound marketing plan to promote your hotel. These tactics of marketing your hotel typically include both print and digital materials aimed at bringing back clients and attracting potential customers. The following are ways of promoting your hotel.

1) Supplier promotion

To promote your hotel, you can contact your vendors to see what type of deals you can offer your customers. You may put together a variety of gifts for clients to win in a giveaway or competition. You might also inquire whether your vendors are willing to organize seminars at your hotel. A wine or chocolate sampling event could be fun, or perhaps a workshop on flower design or food preparation can assist you in doing a good promotion for your hotel.

2) Make the Most of the Seasons

The opportunities near your hotel may be evident to locals how to enjoy the city’s natural attractions, it may not be so for the visitors, and thus you can use this gap to promote your hotel. If your hotel, for instance, is close to the beach, you can use it to do promotions. For clients who desire more, you may offer a surfing lesson package. You can also do the promotions by setting up a hotel campaign that encourages individuals who book directly if your hotel is in wine country. Make the most of the nice weather in the fall by incorporating outdoor activities to promote your hotel.

3) Promotions for Employees

This isn’t technically a promotion, but your staff can serve as excellent online advocates for your hotel, thus assisting you to promote your hotel business. Clients like to get a behind-the-scenes look at how businesses operate. Therefore, by utilising your employees’ online profiles, you provide clients with a unique perspective and a chance to connect with your company, which may assist you in promoting your hotel. As a component of your hotel marketing plan, involve your workers by requesting that your workers utilise their social media profiles by posting pictures or videos highlighting different services offered in your hotel.

4) Loyalty programs should be rewarded with bonus points

Rewarding your loyal clients for staying with you is an excellent approach that encourages them to return. This is also a way to promote your hotel. Your clients are loyal to you, so acknowledging them for their efforts gives them a sense of belonging to your hotel and helps build a long-term relationship. The concept of a loyalty program is an essential strategy you can use to promote your hotel since visitors have come to anticipate these kinds of benefits. So be sure you’re providing them as you advertise your hotel. You may state, for instance, that they would receive a complimentary fifth stay. 

5) Make your website both easy and eye-catching

Concentrating on maintaining the style and functionality of your website clean, sharp, and uncomplicated when revamping it is a valuable tactic you can use to market your hotel. Make sure that as you utilise this idea to promote your hotel, the hotel photos are professional, good quality, and presented in the appropriate arrangements for mobile and desktop. Videos are also effective in helping you promote your hotel because they showcase your place more comprehensively and entertainingly.

6) Organise a social media competition

As you employ ideas for promoting your hotel, social media platforms are fantastic channels for connecting with your customers. You can create social media for your hotel and start displaying images of your hotel, the service offered, or links to your hotel’s website. By holding a challenge on these platforms, you may create a selfie station in your hotel as an idea to promote your hotel. Develop relevant hashtags and invite customers to enter the challenge and win a prize by posting photos taken at the station with the hashtag. This promotion strategy might suit both independent and chain hotels and help you raise brand recognition and attract more visitors. 

7) Offer Airline Mile

You can promote your hotel by offering airline incentives if your consumers frequently fly to your location by showing them that you care about their overall vacation experience by providing airline incentives. Clients may take advantage of the benefits to promote your hotel by becoming a one-stop-shop for incentives. If they stay multiple times, give them points on their miles that they can redeem for a gift card as a strategy to advertise your hotel. You may form a partnership with an airline so that your clients can exchange hotel points for airline miles.


As you can see, there are numerous ways to promote your hotel. The most important thing is to keep on trying new things and experimenting with different ideas, to find what works best for your clients. The Amenitiz all-in-one solution can help you to implement these ideas to grow your business. You can request a free demo today with our experts.

5 Nov, 2021