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Create a coworking space to boost your hotel

21 May, 2019

Coworking areas are constantly developing in the large conurbations. These large open and shared spaces welcome people who wish to work in groups or solo. This location is very popular with contractors who can rent space at a reasonable price and without obligation. This is why hoteliers have decided to take advantage of this trend by creating workspaces in their establishments. Offering this new type of service reflects a certain dynamism observed in the hotel sector in recent years. We propose you through this article to discover this trend.

Coworking, the new ambition of hoteliers

Since 2012, the number of coworking spaces in France has been multiplied by 10 according to a study carried out by BAP. This trend can be explained by changes in the organisation of work. Nowadays, working hours are more flexible and many companies allow teleworking. At the same time, these coworking spaces are very popular with startups and self-employed people. Indeed, it allows you to work in a stimulating and dynamic atmosphere. It is a good place to develop one’s professional network and share one’s skills. As the number of start-ups continues to increase (+17% in 2018 compared to 2017 according to this article), the demand for workspaces is very real.

Faced with this new trend, hoteliers have decided to create coworking spaces. Today, more than 40 hotels offer this service, including major hotel chains such as OKKO Hotels, Easy working by Mercure, etc. The alliance between workspaces and the hotel industry is a winning strategy. Indeed, the hotels are quieter than the traditional neighbourhood cafés with a more conducive atmosphere for work. The concept is ideal for hotels close to strategic locations such as train stations, airports or business districts. Indeed, near these locations there is a strong demand for this type of structure.

What coworking brings to hoteliers

Establishing a coworking space in an establishment is an interesting strategy for hoteliers. Initially, this allows them to make the most of the space in the establishment that is little occupied during the day. This is why some hoteliers have decided to transform the breakfast rooms into afternoon workspaces. Thus, the coworking service becomes a new source of income for hoteliers.

In addition, coworking spaces are a good way to attract a business clientele. Indeed, it allows to gather a resting space and a working space. This concept is therefore highly appreciated by business travellers on the move. Offering coworking spaces is therefore a good way to stand out from competitors who do not offer this service. However, travellers are not the only target of hoteliers. Indeed, this service is available to the general public. According to figures published by Coach Omnium, 80% of coworking space members are outside clients. This concept is ideal for increasing hotel occupancy during the day.

Set up a coworking area

Opening a coworking space in an establishment requires the installation of certain equipment. USB/electrical outlets, a high-speed Wifi connection and office furniture are essential. However, these expenses will soon become profitable.

Once the coworking space is set up, the hotelier must implement a sales strategy. Today, most hotels offer hourly packages to ensure flexibility. Prices range from 10€ to 35€ per hour in Paris. Packages generally include unlimited hot drinks service. At the same time, offering discounts on hotel services (spa, gym) is a good way to attract guests. These advantages also make it possible to boost the establishment during the day when attendance is low.

To promote the coworking area of his establishment, it is interesting to have his own website. Thanks to this support, customers will be able to book online the space that suits them. Online booking allows hoteliers to track the number of guests and better manage special requests. Amenitiz offers this solution: the creation of a website with a booking engine. Easywork by mercure in Nantes has chosen to use this service for its site. You can now request a demonstration of the system by filling out the form below.

Today, the hotel sector is moving away from its traditional model by offering new services. Indeed, the appearance of coworking spaces responds to a new clientele: startups and entrepreneurs. Thanks to hourly formulas, clients benefit from a dynamic work atmosphere conducive to professional meetings. At the same time, they can take advantage of the hotel’s facilities such as the swimming pool or the gym. This strategy also benefits the hotelier. Attendance is increasing and he is benefiting from a new source of 

21 May, 2019