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Hotel and accommodation owners, take control of your website !

8 Sep, 2019

We agree, as a hotel owner or hotel manager, you haven’t really studied to be a developer and update your website yourself.

And yet, updating your hotel’s website is essential. Who hasn’t experienced that horrible frustration? You just hired a photographer and you have some absolutely hot pictures! You can’t wait to integrate them into your website… Except… the loop is still the loop…

You need to call your developer to do this and wait until they are available for the addition to be made. Once you have put it online, you realize that it is neither the order nor the way you wanted it! In fact, your desire… Be able to move the pictures yourself and, by the way, change this text which hasn’t been current for… uh… a year?

It is to solve this (big) problem that Amenitiz created the first ultra-intuitive site editor exclusively dedicated to the hotel business. We’ll explain!

Amenitiz gives you the super-power to update your website without any computer knowledge:

Amenitiz is a website creator/editor that allows you to create a website according to your desires without any computer knowledge.

Ah, another umpteenth template site will you tell me where you can only change the colors and size of the fonts !

Not at all! Amenitiz offers you templates that serve as a basis for the creation of your site, but everything is 100% modifiable! After choosing the type of design that best suits your taste, you can customize it endlessly. You can add dozens/hundreds of different blocks, texts, pictures, google map, contact blocks, etc. Etc. Etc.

In short, having the ability to create a professional website without any computer knowledge.


Create your own site, how does it work?

Just log in to and you can create a first version of your site for free.

You will be able to create a site according to your desires and modify it as many times as you wish. An ultra-intuitive block system has been created to make your day-to-day management ultra-simple.

Creating a hotel website for free, not possible? Yes, it is! As Amenitiz likes you to test a product before you buy it, you can create your site and update it as you wish for 14 days. After this trial period, you then choose (like 98% of our registrants) to continue the adventure!

Create a hotel or accommodation site, what cost?

Several formulas are available! If you only want to have access to the site creator/editor, it will only cost you 49 euros HT/month, maintenance and hosting included!

If you want to integrate a booking software and channel manager (synchronisation with Booking, Expedia, etc.) it is also possible.

Different formulas are available to adapt 100% to the needs of your establishment.

 For establishments with less than 10 rooms, write to you, Amenitiz offers an ultra-sympa price adapted to small structures!

Do you want the Amenitiz team to create the first version of your hotel or B&B for you? You’re just interested in being able to edit it, but you don’t want to create the first version because you prefer it to be done by professionals?

Write us here, and we’ll call you back to discuss it with you!

8 Sep, 2019