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How do you prepare your hotel for wedding planning ?

1 Sep, 2017

Generation Y has different expectations regarding the organization of their wedding. Indeed, the number of guests has decreased while the budget for the ceremony has increased. Today’s brides and grooms prefer unique celebrations in small groups in more intimate settings. Thus, independent hotels have their rightful place in this very lucrative sector. Giving couples the opportunity to celebrate their union in your establishment is a good way to increase your income. If you want to get started in this project, find all our advice in this article.

Offer customised formulas 

Newlyweds have different perceptions about the celebration of their union. Type of reception, planning, sequence of steps, each couple wants to create a unique wedding. This is why a hotelier who proposes his establishment as a wedding venue must offer customisable offers to adapt to the expectations of the future bride and groom.

Some couples are looking for an all-inclusive package. They wish to organize all the stages of their wedding at the hotel: from the reception to the next day’s brunch. This is why it is interesting to offer a package including the ceremony, the cocktail, catering and accommodation for the guests. If the bride and groom choose this option, offer them a room for the big day.

Other brides and grooms have already booked the reception hall for their wedding. They’re looking for some extra services for D-Day. A “photo session” package is ideal for couples wishing to immortalize this moment in an exceptional setting. You can also offer honeymoon packages. This formula for two gives access to a romantic suite carefully prepared to welcome the newlyweds for one night.

Hotel layout

The advantage of organising a wedding in a hotel is the possibility of being able to organise all the stages on the spot: wine of honour, dinner, party, brunch the next day… But the establishment must still have the necessary space. The hotelier must make sure to offer private reception rooms capable of accommodating a certain number of guests. Same advice for brunch the next day. The newlyweds will certainly want to prolong the ceremony the next day over breakfast with their guests. To avoid additional travel and save time, you can offer them a space (terrace, garden, living room…) where they can organize this convivial moment.

To stand out from your competitors, offer additional space that they are not sure to find elsewhere. A relaxation area with jacuzzi and massages is ideal for the bride and groom to relax before the big day. You can also provide a room dedicated to the preparation of the bride. She’ll be able to get ready with her bridesmaids in peace. The objective is to offer additional services to facilitate the organization of this unforgettable day for the bride and groom.

Promote its establishment as a place of marriage

Once the hotel is operational to welcome future brides and grooms, it is necessary for the hotelier to develop the visibility of his establishment as a wedding venue. To do this, you have to start by looking at the hotel’s assets, something that sets it apart from its competitors. It can be the location (near the beach, in the countryside…), the type of building (castle, villa…) or the history of the hotel. Once the advantage is found, it must be highlighted in the special “marriage” formulas.

A good way to quickly promote the image of the hotel to newlyweds is to advertise on social networks and on your website. Instagram, the image-based social network, is the ideal platform to encourage couples to come and celebrate their wedding in your hotel. Organize professional photo shoots to highlight areas dedicated to the big day. Pictures of the fireworks on the terrace or of the room set up in the reception room will allow the future bride and groom to better project themselves. They must convey emotion and provoke a real love for the place.

Planning a wedding is unique. As a hotelier it is necessary to listen to the bride and groom to make this day unforgettable. Small attentions such as a bottle of champagne or a bouquet of flowers on D-Day will make the difference to set you apart from other establishments. Indeed, satisfied brides and grooms will not hesitate to share their experience on online review sites. This is the best way to gain visibility with travellers from all over the world.

1 Sep, 2017